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Making a healthy and happy home

Regardless of what is in the news, we have always been big advocates for creating a healthy and happy home and garden, but perhaps now more than ever is the time to take some steps towards an even healthier and more harmonious home.

Here are our top 5 tips towards making your home healthy.

1.Make hand washing an enjoyable ritual.

Did you know Bramley hand wash contains clary sage and lavender which are natural anti-bacterials? 🌿 Every time you wash your hands you strip them of natural oils which dries them out. Using products like Bramley means that hydration is a thing if the past leaving your hands super smooth after washing 🤚💚 Available in store to buy and we have refillable options too!

2. Green your spaces.

It’s a well-documented fact that house plants can improve your wellbeing and help to keep the air in your house clean. Not only do they absorb carbon monoxide and release oxygen, a NASA study concluded that they can also remove nasty toxins from the air. We are pleased to say that we currently stock most of these NASA detoxifying house plants. They can be found in our beautiful houseplants area, where you can also ask one of our dedicated experts for advice on looking after them in your home.

Our favourite air purifiers include the gorgeous Boston Fern, Bamboo Plant, Weeping Fig and of course, the Peace Lily.

3. Spring clean.

Now is the time to declutter and have a good old spring clean. Banish dust and clean those hard to reach places with our amazing range of Redeker brushes. There is not a corner they cannot reach!




























4. Pause for a moment.

Create a little area your home just for you to relax in. Make a cosy corner for reading and unwinding with a herbal tea. We have all you need to make a little haven just for you.

5. Invest in a book.

We are loving ‘The Art of the Natural Home’ by Rebecca Sullivan. In it you will find tips on everything you need for a healthy home, from natural floor polishing to medicinal honey and homemade massage oil.