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July’s Gardening Tips

Keep on Gardening! 

Green shoots have appeared out of the nation’s lock down, and we mean literally. The nation has been gardening more than ever before. People have flocked to their gardens like never before. Growing has provided solace, fun and hope in difficult times. We have seen the previously garden shy bolt into action, we have heard happy tales of children getting their hands dirty and the joy on small faces as flowers appear. The experienced have been generous with their knowledge and the birds and the bees have been appreciative of all our efforts. So now is the time, with lockdown easing.


Here’s our top tips to help you in the garden through July:


Keep on Watering

Now is the time to water! With potential dry summer days ahead of us, it is important to keep your plants and lawn looking and feeling as healthy as possible.

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Keep on Feeding

Food & water are plant essentials as well to get a prolonged life from your beautiful bedding plants, and vegetables. It is essential to feed them as and when required. They need the extra nutrition to get them through the warm season.

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Keep on Mowing

This sounds obvious, but a nice hair cut to about 25ml will do your lawn the world of good! Feed, water and mow regularly and you will have a beautiful head of hair, we mean grass, by Autumn.

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Keep on Relaxing

We mean it! With so much cancelled, now is the time to pull out all the stops and turn your outdoor space into an additional living space. Why not treat yourselves to the new furniture set you’ve been dreaming of for ages, or some colourful plants to brighten up your space?

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