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Charity Partners

Charity Partners

Here at Yarnton Home & Garden we are always looking for ways to increase our green reach and do our best for the planet and the people who live on it. That’s why this year we have sponsored two charities very close to our hearts.


A group of several gardeners tending to a wooden raised bed full of plants.

View of a vast area of plants in a community garden below a cloudy blue sky.


Bridewell Gardens is a mental health recovery service located a few miles from Yarnton in the Oxfordshire countryside. The charity’s team of trained social & therapeutic horticultural practitioners help those struggling with their mental health by harnessing the power of gardening and community. The charity’s 6-acre walled garden and organic vineyard creates a sanctuary for recovery and opportunities to learn new skills, build self-esteem and confidence whilst providing outdoor physical exercise in a peaceful setting.

Yarnton Home & Garden and Bridewell Gardens have joined together to share expertise, resources, and knowledge. We are keen to spread the word about Bridewell and the amazing work they do to ensure those in need can find and reach their services.

View of a grass path, edged with planted borders, and framed by two topiary trees and an arch of pink roses in bloom.

A closed metal gate formed out of spade and shovel heads. The gate leads to a gravel path flanked by grass verges and stands full of a variety of garden plants.

A blackboard sign with chalk writing hanging on a wooden post with fruit trees growing in the background.


Two men tying fruit vines to a metal support. The older man has grey hair and beard and wears a white checked shirt. The younger man has short brown hair and is dressed in a black hoody and black trousers.

Credit: @urbansquirrel


Logo for International Tree Foundation showing a graphic of a tree with large canopy.

A gathering of African men and women photographed against a Kenyan forest, ready to start planting tree saplings.

International Tree Foundation: Saiwa Swamp National Park, Kitale, Kenya 2021.

A group of people planting trees in a grass field.

Oxford City Farm tree planting event, February 2020. © Ed Nix Photos


Did you know the UK has one of the lowest tree covers in Europe, at just 13%? This is one of the reasons the International Tree Foundation works tirelessly worldwide to ‘plant, protect and promote trees’. With a particular focus on the UK and Africa, the charity works to educate and inspire communities to understand the vital role indigenous forests play for the wildlife, biodiversity and the people who rely on them.

Founded in 1922, the Oxford-based charity’s work is vital and we are pleased to be supporting them in store with a dedicated information area you can visit to find out how to get involved.

A man planting a leafy, healthy young sapling in the brown soil. Men and women witness the tree planting, against a sunny, blue sky.

Three Kenyan people from Katakmega helping to plant a sapling tree in a forest. They are holding up their hands, which are caked in mud. after planting a sapling.


A line of women at Kakamega in Kenya, wearing brightly coloured clothes and standing ready for a day's tree planting. Some of the women carry baskets on their heads which contain young, green tree saplings.