Slug Gone 3.5 litres

Slug Gone Wool Pellets are derived from British wool and act as a natural slug repellent.

Biodegradable, the pellets slowly release nutrients for essential plant growth and when applied to the soil in a 10cm radius below the plant, create a fibrous and absorbent mat which irritates and deters slugs and snails.

Child and pet friendly to use, Slug Gone can also be used to protect against cabbage root fly.

A natural mulch and soil conditioner, Slug Gone is suitable for flower beds, container pots and hanging baskets.
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  • Size: 3.5L.
  • Use March to September.
  • 100% natural, derived from British wool.
  • Naturally deters slugs, snails and other gastropods.
  • Helps to prevent weeds.
  • Biodegrades in 6 to 14 months.
  • Delivers organic nutrients and other trace elements to help plant growth.
  • Acts as a natural mulch and soil conditioner.
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