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What are your New Year Gardening Intentions?

As we enter into 2020 many of us are thinking about what changes we want to make in the year ahead, not just in our own lives but for the health of the planet and each other.


We feel that perhaps setting intentions is maybe a little less intimidating than setting resolutions. We can set lofty goals that we may never meet and then feel disappointed at the end of the year when they have not quite materialised.


For us, our thoughts naturally turn to the garden and what small changes we could make to become a more aware and eco-friendly gardener. Our gardens hold all the promise for the year ahead. Some may even be seeing the first signs of Spring. What’s more it has been proven that spending time in our gardens and out in nature can increase our good mood and health (read more here). So we feel this is perhaps a good place to start.


One of our intentions is to raise awareness and generate some ideas around how we can become more sustainable in the garden. Sustainable gardening not only encourages wildlife into the garden but also frees us up a little to enjoy a bit of the wild ourselves. In a world where rest is a rare word we would encourage you to use your outdoor space (however big or small) as a place for you to reboot and rewild. Here are our top tips for creating a sustainable and rewarding space. You may only do one!


  • Composting: Lets start with the basics, good soil condition leads to healthy and happier plants. Home composting is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and put nutrients into the soil. We are on hand to give you advice to get you started. Just pop in and see us!


  • Conserve Water: Fresh water is a precious resource, and one we should not take for granted. Its easily done, with water butts.


  • Create a wild area: why not let an area of your garden get a little wild, this is the place to leave leaf and log piles for insects and wildlife, to plant native wildflowers and let the weeds roam a little.


  • Avoid harmful pesticides: Seek out organic natural alternatives. Come and speak to us for some advice.


  • Grow your own: We really believe this is possible whatever your garden size, if you only have a window box, herbs could be a great bet. Or for those of you lucky enough to have bigger gardens, build a veg box and get growing! If you have never grown your vegetables or fruit before we suggest you choose one or two crops. Beans and tomatoes perhaps? Not only will you save on air miles and supermarket packaging but you will feel immense satisfaction when tucking into organic food grown by you!


  • Invest in sustainable garden furniture: Yes this is possible. 2019 brought the creation of the Dura Ocean Chair, the first garden chair to be made entirely from sea plastic! Currently selling in store. Read more about the Dura Chair here. 



Annie Spratt