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The positive effects of colour

The past 10 months have sure felt challenging, with restrictions in place and our usual pick-me-ups on hold, anxiety and uncertainty for the future has been a common feeling for many. This unprecedented period has taught us all a lot, how important health is, how important our family and friends are but also how important our homes are, too.


With most of the year spent inside our own four walls, we’ve quickly had to find comfort and peace in our homes. It’s drawn close attention to how important it is to create spaces which inspire positivity and motivation but also provide us with calmness and relaxation when needed.


Colour has a huge influence over our mood, emotions and well-being, this is known as colour psychology. There is so much more to colour than just what the eye can see and at Painthouse, we are so passionate about the extensive benefits of colour on our health and well-being. You may know that warm, bright shades like orange, yellow and red are stimulating and energising, helping us to power up for the day ahead. On the other hand, more cool-toned colours like blue, green and purple are known for their ability to relax the mind, body and soul.


Living rooms are at the heart of every home. They’re the place we retreat to enjoy our evenings and relish in valuable family time, so it’s important that this space feels comforting and warm for the whole family. Greens are especially great for living areas as the colour green has restorative effects on our overall well-being. Lush, rich verdant shades like Sienna help to re-balance mind, body and soul. Or shades like grassy-green Frida or refreshing Hope bring a feeling of the outdoors inside.

Candles on wooden table next to fireplace in spacious living room with braided pouf on floor

The colour purple inspires a feeling of magic and mystery. Rich and deep purple tones are often associated with ‘quality’ and make a room look luxurious with ease. Lighter, more pastel shades of purple like Piper seem almost hypnotic and ethereal, soothing for the mind after a long day at work.


If you’re currently using your living room as a workspace or home study area for your little ones, you may benefit from adding the colour blue to your walls. Clear and bright blues like Lars feel like a breath of fresh air, great for blowing away the cobwebs and stimulating the mind. Blues have also been found to help lower blood pressure and heart rate. Darker, deep blues are also a popular choice for living spaces, especially shades of navy like Anders. These shades help to calm the mind, refresh our thoughts and inspire new ideas.



Picking a new colour for your living room, or any room for that matter, can feel a little overwhelming, especially if you’re a stranger to colour. But with so many variations of colour at our fingertips, decorating and choosing colours for your home can be so much fun. More than that, we can harness the positive benefits of colour to support a mood we want to feel, such as relaxation in our living rooms, that we enjoy. With the help of colour, you can create an environment that you love and a space you want to live in.