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Nyjer Nibbles 1.5kg + 33% Free

Nyjer Nibbles is a highly nutrious seed, packed with energy and rich in oil. It is the perfect food for the beautiful Goldfinch and other garden birds including Siskins and Greenfinches.

Tips for feeding: Nijer Niblles should be fed from a specialist nyjer seed feeder and preferably used with a seed catcher to prevent any waste.

Try to have serval feeding sites around the garden to prevent overcrowding of one location.

Please be aware that different birds will have different feeding habits, whilst many birds will use a feeder, others prefer a table or a ground feeder.

Position your feeder in an open space with clear views to all side to prevent potential predator attack.

Hygiene and water: Regularly clean your feeders to help reduce the spread of disease and the build-up of toxins. Remove any stale food and clean with a mild disinfectant, leave to dry thoroughly.

Birds need fresh water not only for drinking but for bathing. Even in winter water is vital for birds to bathe and to keep their feathers in pristine condition helping them to keep warm through cold nights. Always ensure fresh water is available.
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