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Herb Window Box

Keep your kitchen Herbs to hand with our new Herb Window Box. This window box can be placed inside or outside. The range of colours available perfectly complement the green hues of a plentiful Herb selection.
Home Delivery

Home Delivery

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Collect from Store

  • Not suitable for food contact.
  • Husk is made from agricultural by-products, such as coffee husks, bamboo powder, nut husk, chaff and straw. These products would be burnt if not used for a functional purpose. We mix this with a non-toxic resin to create our durable, functional products.
  • Husk products last up to 7 years before they start to become weak and non-functional. This can vary depending on how you look after the product.
  • Easily dispose of your husk products by simply crushing and bury it under the ground.
  • Husk products can be used outside, however this may affect the life of the product. They are frost proof, and can survive -40 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees.
  • Dimensions: 295mm x 133mm x 139mm
  • Assorted colours. Availability dependent.
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