Baby Massage & Tiny Yoga

Baby Massage & Tiny Yoga

Join us in this brand-new 4-week workshop by JoJo Baby Massage!

Without a doubt, Baby Massage and Baby Tiny Yoga allow the time to bond between parent and baby through physical touch, eye contact and gentle synchronised movements. 

Learn a massage sequence with different techniques and strokes. Aromatic oils, relaxing music and cosy super soft mats help create a relaxing atmosphere. Often babies leave as sleepy little bundles.

Baby Yoga, the guided moves you do together helps babies develop their balance, coordination and motor skills, stimulating the brain. Some studies suggest that massage and gentle movement can stimulate and boost their immune system.

Suitable for babies from six weeks up to the pre-crawling stage, once little ones are on the move, it becomes a little bit tricky in a class setting!

Jo founded JoJo Baby Massage purely for the absolute love of massage and her love of babies!  She supports parents through a wonderful course of nurturing touch.

Class details
Date: 4-week course from Wednesday 26th June 2024
Time: 1.30pm until 2.30pm, with access to the Magic Garden after the class.
Location: Magic Garden, Yarnton Home & Garden.