Fly Tying Workshop

Fly Tying Workshop

Do you have a passion for fishing? Would you like to learn how to tie your own fly?

We have teamed up with Kieth Passant who has over 40 years of experience, to bring you this taster workshop. Kieth would like to help you start that journey or make it a bit less daunting.

He will demonstrate simple flies you can tie and catch your fish next time you take the fly rods out.  This is also an opportunity to show you the ins and outs of tying your first fly or improving your fly-tying skills.  As an interactive workshop, you will also tie your own using your new skills to take away.

All the required materials and equipment, notes on how to continue tying your flys with advice on where to get equipment and materials will be supplied.

Event details:
Date: Sunday 9th June
Time: 11am until 1pm
Location: Event Space

About the host:
Kieth is a member of the Association of Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors Masters level Fly -Tying instructor.

Tying fishing flies has been a passion for over 40 years and regularly demonstrates and teaches the how-to of fly-tying. For 14 years he worked a local fishing company and ran the fly-fishing department there. He now runs tying courses across the UK throughout the winter months.