Home Interior Design

Home Interior Design

Become your own Home Interior Designer!

Do you get overwhelmed when finding inspiration for home design projects? Do you fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole and find that you have five different themes or colourways just for one space!

Then this introduction to interior design workshop is for you… …come and join Nicola Kelly from Precious Time Design for a relaxed, fun, and inspiring morning.

Find out how to structure a home design project, and play around with colour in a unique way.  Where to find inspiration to create a mood board. Have access to all of Nicola’s samples, advice and ideas helping you to create a space that inspires and reflects you and your lifestyle.

What you will learn:

- How to structure a decorating project. 

- Styling & Design - A glimpse into different Interior styles & trends for 2023 onwards. 

- Where to search for inspiration and creating an inspiration board.

- How to progress this onto building a mood-board. 

- Access to samples, magazines, and Nicola, who is there to give advice and ideas. Helping you to create a space that inspires and reflects you. 

- Located in the wonderful Yarnton Home & Garden, with lots of beautiful homeware ranges to inspire you. 


Precious Time Design, owned by Nicola Kelly is based in Oxfordshire. Offering Affordable and Creative Remote Interior Design Packages, Nicola helps her clients to create a home that reflects them and a space that they love. 

Event details:
Location: Yarnton Home & Garden
Date: Saturday 23rd March 2024
Time: 1pm until 3.30pm