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Macrame Plant Hanger Workshop

Macrame Plant Hanger Workshop

Lyra&Atlas was born as a wonderful and creative way to embrace the challenges life has thrown over the past few years - initially as a coping mechanism for Post Natal Depression.

Hayleigh wanted to be able to bring this moving meditation and share it with anyone and everyone who will benefit; whether it's to bring some peace to the monkey mind, to keep hands busy or just to enjoy a new craft.


These macrame workshops are designed to be suitable for all ages, abilities and creativity levels! There will be demonstrations and diagrams as well as one to one help throughout the workshop.

There will always be a template as a guide, but you are free to knot as you please and create whatever wonderful piece that flows from your hands.

Guests will gather to drink herbal teas and pull oracles cards, gaze at a beautiful crystal grid and pick whichever crystal calls to you before starting our workshop and we will have a short break.


All materials to create the pieces will be provided and are recycled, recyclable or foraged in a sustainable way and any snacks or drinks provided will be vegan.