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Weber BBQ Course

Weber BBQ Course

Bring your partner, best friend, adult children or barbecue buddy along to get new inspiration for your barbecue evenings on the patio, try out new barbecue accessories and share a fun experience. BBQ courses at Yarnton Home & Garden involve a mix of practical instruction at the barbecue and demonstrations of techniques and products by the grill masters. During the course, the food that is cooked by the teams is evaluated by the grill masters and enjoyed by the participants.

Participants can also look forward to trying out several new Weber products during the course. The aim of BBQ Courses certified by Weber is to advance the barbecue culture and share our passion for barbecuing. You can barbecue anything, it’s just a matter of how.

Spring / Summer 2019 Menu:

Starter: Smoked salmon with wasabi crème fraîche

Main: Beer can chicken with spiral potato skewers and stuffed mushrooms

Snacks: Rotisserie lamb / steak / pizza and smoked sausages

Dessert: Chocolate cake and grilled orange mascarpone

Please arrive before the event starts at 6pm. The course lasts for three hours in total.