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Latest Pop-Up at Yarnton!

11th-14th November 2021

Discover Nettlefold Cards & Stationery

As a leading local business, we want to show our support for local start-ups, so we have created a pop-up space in store where new creative businesses can gain wider exposure. We aim to help new fledglings fly!

Zoe from Nettlebed cards sitting on the floor surrounded by artwork for her greetings cards

Between 11th and 14th November, we’ll be welcoming Zoe from Nettlefold Cards & Stationery.

Zoe launched Nettlefold during the first lockdown of 2020, but the idea came a few years earlier whilst she was clearing out the loft at her late mother’s house, her childhood home ‘Nettlefold’.

Zoe rediscovered boxes of poems written by her grandfather on his trusty typewriter when she was a toddler. He had captured all their imaginary friends and make-believe worlds that had been dreamt up during their playtimes together.

Being pregnant at the time, as one chapter of her life was closing and another beginning, Zoe was transported back to a magical time in her life and was keen to remind us all of the magic and simplicity of childhood.

The words featured in Nettlefold’s nostalgic stationery products and gifts are excerpts from Zoe’s grandfather’s happiest poems with illustrations finessed from originals created by her godmother back in the 1970’s. Nettlefold has a love of family, wildlife and animals at its heart, celebrating the power of the handwritten word and the magical relationship between a grandfather and his granddaughter.


Take a peek at Nettlefold’s charming stationery available now at Yarnton.

Nettlefold cards on a table










Small Graphic of Twiggy the blackbird on a pink background and words 'Under our wing'