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We will reopen our amazing Magic Garden on 17th May.
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Add summer texture to your home

We are big advocates of adding fun through texture into your home, and with of all our focus on the outside, our homes are feeling a little left out. Here are some simple ways of adding some summer texture to your home without breaking the bank.


Rugs are not just for winter! We have a fabulous selection of bright rugs in all colours and sizes. What’s more, we have some indoor/outdoor rugs for when you are spilling into the garden.


Green is one of the most calming and fresh of all colours, plants are a great way of adding texture and colour to your space. Choose some air-purifying peace lilies or go wild with ferns. Short on space? Why not hang them from above?


Glass, glorious glass! We cannot get enough of glass this season, be it water glasses, vases or candle holders. We have glass in every size and colour. Mix and match coloured glass candlesticks with a posy of flowers in a glass vase and sip on a lovely gin and tonic from one of our decorative tumblers.


Baskets follow closely after our glass obsession. At Yarnton Home & Garden our baskets come in wicker, wood, wire and cork. We suggest you fill them with plants, toys, socks, who cares as long as you have plenty!


Mix old and new, yes it really does add charm and nostalgia to your home. In the Yarnton Antiques Centre (located on site and accessible from the car park), you will find a treasure trove of vintage pieces and nostalgia-inducing finds. We are coveting these beautiful floral tin caddies, perfect for retro kitchen Storage. Be sure to get them before we do!